У нас нет места для надежды. Мы планируем и действуем. Надежда лишь для мечтателей и поэтов. У нас есть сила воли и оружие и мы сами будем вершить свою судьбу. © Корвус Коракс, Примарх Гвардии Ворона.
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29.11.2017 в 11:02

В комментариях к оригиналу статьи нашла вот эту прелесть :)
Rainy weather? Not your day?
End of sale and dried clay?
Every time and by default
It’s for sure Putin’s fault!

Younger brother won in chess -
Who’s responsible? Your guess?
After party you’ve red eyes?
Putin did it! No surprise!

Having very scary dream?
That was definitely him!
“Putin did it!” meowed your cat
Slowly wetting your parquet.

Broken chair, pain in tooth -
Putid did it, that’s the truth!
You compote is not so fruitty?
That was him – almightly Putin!

Who has drawn on the wall?
Who has stabbed your fav'te ball,
Crushed your car and lost your purse,
Didn't feed your poney-horse?

Soup too salty, couch too old
Jeans too dirty, room too cold,
Rainy, windy, mist or clouds -
Putin’s fault, there is no doubts!

Here is here, he is there
On the earth and in the sky.
It's so scary! You don't dare
Even think. ...If ever tried...

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